Monday, 19 January 2015

The Prologue

Hello! [appears from behind curtain to rapturous applause]

My name is Lee Grice and you might know me from the almost-legendary Small Press Big Mouth podcast or my not-even-1000-followers-yet Twitter account. Welcome. [more applause, even more rapturous]

Since SPBM fell dormant like the Krakatoa-like podcasting volcano what it is, I've been feeling the need to - nay, pining... nay, yearning to - belch forth my brain-words and emoticons about the comics I've read, the movies I've seen, the news I've heard, the bottoms I've ogled, and the other stuff I've... stuffed...  but sometimes 140 characters on Twitter simply isn't enough space to feed my ego express my complex, profound, pithy, and hithterical obthervathions [huge laughs, huge] so I decided have a crack at blogging again - and maybe even that whole podcasting jazz again at some point.

Right then, next up I plan to repost a blog what I wrote for SPBM a couple of years ago about how I discovered comics (by way of an extended introduction as much as to help me see how this blog's looking with y'know actual stuff on it), and then I plan to hit you up with one of those Best Of 2014 lists that all the cool kids did about a month and a half ago. 

So yeeeeaahh, make yourself at home. Help yourself to tea and biscuits, don'tlookinthebasement, and I'll be back shortly.

Turrahfurrabit! [exit to standing ovation]

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